From Past to Present, Relsify’s Real Estate Tokenization Vision Keeps Blossoming

When it comes to Tokenization, only a few categories of people all around Africa and the world know exactly what it entails.

Tokenization is when physical assets are represented with digital tokens on the blockchain network.

Physical Assets could be anything with real-life value - Real Estate, Cars, Paintings, Company Shares, etc. Amidst other merits, the major aim of tokenization is to make such asset fractionalized.

While we have a few tokenization platforms present in today’s world, Relsify is positioned as the first in the African Continent with a completely novel concept and approach.

The concept of tieing individual assets to a unique security token of its own instead of a generalized token.

Hardest Route, Yet We Choose It!

Sometimes in Jan 2021, we had the vision to leverage blockchain technology to solve the real estate market problems of entry barrier, illiquidity, and funding capacity via tokenization.

We chose one of the hardest routes and decided to adopt an emerging global concept to the greatest and most promising continent on earth to solve real-time housing and economical problems.

In March, we began to polish our concept and delved into design and development.

That includes the brand name, brand identity, brand design, unique selling point, value proposition, audience research, industry research, etc.

In April, we were out there looking out for additional brilliant hands who have proper multi-industry knowledge and experience - Real Estate, Blockchain, and Crypto.

By June/July, we already had a team of about 10 working assiduously to get things structured and manage key roles.

Without wasting any time at all, everyone swung into duties fully and with a very committed mindset.

Why use the term 'committed mindset?'

Because in August, just 1 month after, we had our minimum viable product (MVP) prototyped and tested in-house for user experience compatibility and necessary feedback and changes.

We made a few adjustments based on proper deliberations and there it was - our MVP prototype stood firm. This entails what and how our marketplace would look and function.

As you know...

Many of these things run on cost. We bootstrapped from the beginning up till this stage and wanted to move ahead faster in team building, brand identity, strategic marketing, basic partnerships, and platform development.

So we had a family and friend seed round in Sept 2021 that took our valuation to $1m.

By the end of 2022, we have a $500m valuation goal to attain while serving individuals and corporate entities with the best kind of real estate opportunities and solving real-time problems.

First Phase Launch Defined

In October, we began working towards the first phase of our launch which would see us carry out a token generation event (TGE) for our platform and ecosystem.

We named our token $RELS and the proper tokenomics is in shape already. Accessible via our Website or Whitepaper.

$RELS is aimed to serve as our native utility token which can be used to:

  • Access cheaper fees
  • Invest in properties
  • Receive rewards
  • Receive dividends
  • Host properties and
  • Generate security tokens (fractional ownership right).

So far, we have also been looking into regulatory procedures, jurisdiction issues, and general stakeholder consultations across Nigeria, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, and many other African countries.

We have also had our gaze on developing solid partnerships. We recognize this as a backbone for perfectly implementing innovations such as ours.

The plan for November & December is clear, and we have them already planned out.

In fact, in the 2nd week of Oct, the team had a 3-day marathon strategy meeting.

We believe those who take time to get things right often come out as best.

The race is not to the swift but the cautious and strong.

We have our eyes on competitors also and have seen 1 or 2 launches while we keep building and doing our background work and proper diligence to serve the very best to our target market.

As of when this vision was born, we can confidently say we had it as Africa's First Tokenized Real Estate Platform, and it would remain so.

Not just that...

It'll go on to become the biggest tokenization platform in Africa.

We see it
We know it
We believe it

And because you do believe it also, we would be releasing guidelines for $RELS airdrop reward to our early community grazes soon.


Private sales of $RELS token has commenced and would last until the public pre-sale.

Public Pre-sale would also happen this November.

And $RELS would be available for public sale in December, hopefully on Pancake Swap as we have planned. And later, on prominent centralized exchanges.

Who knows, we might also have $RELS as an interchain token in the nearest future.

Marketplace Launch

With all those being said, we have set our full launch and launch of our blockchain-based marketplace (MVP) for February 2022, and we’re pretty much excited about this.

We hope you're also...

This is Real Estate within Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Mauritius, Kenya, and several African countries, brought within your reach. In your hands, in your pocket.

All that is needed is your phone and an internet connection!

It's time to experience Africa's most profitable asset class made accessible, simplified, fractionalized, and transferable in only 1-5mins!

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